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Citizenship is the last step in your migration journey, and we are here to assist you reach that goal. Being a permanent resident of Australia, you would have already enjoyed living in a liberated and democratic society. Permanent resident of Australia has many benefits but do not possess the privileges of voting in Federal and State or territory elections, working and re-entering Australia freely under an Australian passport. We facilitate the citizenship application, guide you through the process, and ensure the entire journey is a smooth one. To obtain Australian citizenship there are certain requirements and options available. If you need to know wether you are eligible to apply for citizenship and embrace the Australian values and culture, please book a consultation to discuss your circumstances.

Dual Citizenship

Australia allows dual citizenship. That means that an Australian citizen can take up citizenship of another country without losing their Australian citizenship.

If on the other hand, you become an Australian citizen, it is up to the law of your country of citizenship whether you can keep your existing citizenship.

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